WWE’s Wobbly Walrus Merch Shows Blatant Paul Heyman Parody

Paul Heyman was fired from his position as executive director of WWE Raw. Now he’s back with Roman Reigns as his Special Counsel, but he’s not on creative.

Click here for Gist Vile’ exclusive on Paul Heyman’s current creative input and how much Vince McMahon trusts him.

Bray Wyatt introduced a new Firefly Fun House friend during SmackDown this week. Wobbly Walrus is now around, and it’s very clear that he is a Paul Heyman parody. In case fans had any questions, the new t-shirt for Wobbly Walrus removes all doubt.

The new Wobbly Walrus t-shirt on WWE’s official shop is called the “Wobbly Walrus ‘Ladies & Gentleman’ T-shirt.” Of course, “Ladies and Gentleman is a Paul Heyman line that he inserts into all of his promos.

You can check the new merchandise out below. We’ll have to see how the Firefly Fun House progresses from this point on. Wobbly Walrus might have a lot of ideas including pushing younger Firefly Fun House friends.


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