UNIABUJA disclaims purported attack on the University

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29th August, 2021   |   Comments

The attention of the management of UNIABUJA has been drawn to the viral video of a purported incident at the University of Abuja Main Campus over the weekend.  

In that video of fewer than 30 seconds is a distressing image of people said to have come under the attack of suspected bandits on campus. 

Let it be stated categorically that no such incident occurred anywhere on the University campus. In any case, a careful view easily reveals that nothing in the video clip itself references the University of Abuja.  

Therefore, this attempt to relate the incident in the video to the University is, to say the least, fraudulent, mischievous and absolutely irresponsible.  

Given that our students are preparing hard for their First Semester examination, we see this falsehood as orchestrated to distract them from this important activity. 

The campus is as calm and safe as it has been throughout this session. With the safety measures put in place by the Management of the University, no such incident would have escaped its attention. 

To this end, parents, students and all concerned persons are urged to disregard the said clip which is nothing but the handiwork of mischievous elements who feast on falsehood and blackmail simply to instil fear in the minds of law-abiding people. 

Dr Habib Yakoob

Head, Information and University Relations

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