Undertaker vs Kane Inferno Match: Looking back at one of ‘The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever’

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Updated: June 6, 2020 3:13:43 pm

The Inferno Match was the brainchild of Paul Bearer. (Source: WWE)

In the run-up to one of WWE’s most exciting PPVS, Backlash, we have heard much chatter about what is said to be ‘The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever’ between Randy Orton and Edge.

However, on Saturday, pro wrestling fans made a lot of noise on social media about one particular match (after WWE tweeted the same) which took place way back in 1998.

While it was terrifying to watch it on screen, a lot of fans believe this match can surely give Edge and Orton’s clash a run for the money.

Following WrestleMania XIV, a unique rematch between Kane and The Undertaker took place at Unforgiven 1998, intended to give Kane an advantage. The brainchild of Paul Bearer, the Inferno Match was, perhaps, the most dangerous contest in WWE history. Set in a ring engulfed in flames, the bout had one objective: set your opponent on fire.

The match was so dangerous that there have only been four since its inception — all of which featured the demonic Kane. Relive the first heated battle of the Inferno Match —

The Undertaker vs. Kane — Unforgiven, April 26, 1998

The sick and twisted sibling rivalry between Kane and The Undertaker was born in fire when both the superstars were young boys. The Big Red Monster was thought to have perished in a fire that The Phenom allegedly had started.

Following their first clash at WrestleMania XIV, Kane’s hatred continued to burn and Paul Bearer challenged The Phenom on Kane’s behalf to a rematch at Unforgiven 1998. In an attempt to manufacture an advantage for The Big Red Monster, Bearer suggested the first-ever Inferno Match.

The battle itself was just as dangerous as it looked on paper. The fire did not restrict The Undertaker and Kane’s brawl to the inside of the ring — they also battled outside, including The Big Red Monster’s attempted flight from the arena being stopped by Vader.

With flames shooting high into the air, The Deadman finally managed to set Kane’s arm ablaze and won the dangerous encounter.

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