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Twitter has taken to social media to set the record straight regarding the platform’s new policies on misinformation. In a series of Tweets, Twitter says that it’s is not focused on flagging or labelling every piece of misinformation as it’s rather tackling the content with “the highest potential for harm”.

This is, according to the company, because people have insisted that the platform “shouldn’t determine the truthfulness of tweets,” but rather “provide context to help people make up their own minds in cases where the substance of a tweet is disputed.”

“Hence, our focus is on providing context, not fact-checking,” writes Twitter.

The company then went on to explain that it will link factual statements, counterpoint opinions and perspectives, and ongoing public conversations to tweets that have been labelled as potentially misleading.

This comes after US President Donald Trump threatened to regulate or even “close down” social media platforms – after a number of his tweets were branded as containing misleading information.

But it would seem that the options at Trump’s disposal are limited. ITNA’s Luiz Monzon writes that “the president could push for new legislation, or he could pressure US regulators to sue the companies in question. However, none of his options are guaranteed to accomplish what the president is threatening to do.”

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