“The gays are taking over”

Nigerian lesbian, Amara is celebrating after attending an open gathering of members of the LGBT community in Abuja. 


According to the gay rights activist, a restaurant hosted LGBT members in Abuja on Thursday, March 11. 


Sharing a video from the gathering on Twitter, Amara declared that the gays are taking over.

” hosted the gays today. We ate and drank and kissed and felt at home!!! Yessss!!! The gays are taking over.” she wrote. 

“When we first met, trauma connected us and bonded us but now, this people who I call family. the gays. what binds us is simply one thing “chop this life” and “be you” okay two things I’ve chosen people I want to chop this life with. I want to always chop life with these humans” she added.


Watch the video below…



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