The flawless Cardiff City presentation that wowed Leeds United and the ex-Bluebird who helped them beat Nottingham Forest to Cody Drameh

Cardiff City have their first signing of the January transfer window. However, the process is far harder than many might think.

Given so many clubs were said to be interested in Leeds United’s Cody Drameh, from the UK and abroad if reports are to be believed, the Bluebirds were made to make a comprehensive bid to take the youngster away from Elland Road this month.

Suffice to say, they did the business.

Steve Morison praised his entire backroom staff as he took us through just what signing a player on loan entailed in this congested and hugely-competitive loan market.

From analysts’ presentations to convincing Marcelo Bielsa’s staff that Cardiff City Stadium was the right place for Drameh to progress, here is how the Bluebirds snared his signature from under the noses of Nottingham Forest, who were said to be in ‘advanced talks’ with the player, and others.

“A lot went into it,” Morison said of the transfer. “We had to produce a presentation for Leeds to show that we were the right team for him. We showed them how we could help him and his development.

“There were lots of conversations. There was interest from other teams.

“The work the guys did in the office, the analysis team, the presentation that they put together was second to none. The feedback from that was excellent.

“Then there were relations with different people there.

“Myself, my other coaching staff, we all came together as a team. The board put the final pieces together. It was a a real team effort and I’d like to thank everyone involved.”

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Morison had to lean on contacts up at Leeds.

One name which will be familiar to Cardiff City fans is former Bluebirds left back Andrew Taylor, who is now the loan manager up at Elland Road.

Cardiff initially had an in with Taylor, who turned out more than 100 times for the Bluebirds between 2011 and 2014, and that got the ball well and truly rolling.

“We all know Andy Taylor, who used to play here, I knew him, the conversation starts there.

“Then speaking to the players, the agents, you get a good opportunity to do good due diligence on the player.

“It was a real team effort in the end.”

It is no secret that Cardiff want to add more loans in this transfer window. They are after more pace in the side and Drameh certainly brings that – but they could do with more.

However, Morison hopes that, given Leeds have placed their trust in him and Cardiff, other top-flight teams will do the same in the coming weeks.

The manager said he and his staff are more than prepared to put the hours in, just as they did with the Drameh deal, if that is what it takes to get their top targets this month.

“We were prepared,” Morison said. “If you were signing someone else in the Championship, or someone who has X amount of games under his belt, it’s more just like ‘We want him’.

“But I think this shows how much the Premier League teams are doing in terms of looking after their players that they class as high potential.

“They don’t just want to send players anywhere just for the sake of sending them. They are doing their due diligence in terms of who they are sending them to and why.

“From their point of view, they know they are entrusting us to look after, for example, Cody, like we said they will. So when he goes back in the summer, they will get a much better idea of where he is on the back of what he’s done for us.

“If we did something completely opposite — don’t get me wrong, we don’t do what Bielsa does — of what they would see he could do for us, then obviously they wouldn’t have sent him here.

“The change in style and the change in the way we work and the relationships we had there helped us, because they are entrusting us to bring Cody on as a player.

“And if we did anything else with Premier League teams in terms of loans then we would be prepared to do that as well.”

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