Steve Morison ramps up excitement over Cardiff City transfers as summer overhaul looms

Cardiff City boss Steve Morison has revealed his excitement over unveiling his new signings to Bluebirds fans as he looks ahead to the summer player overhaul.

The Bluebirds drew 1-1 with Birmingham City in their final home game of the season on Saturday, but, as ever, the focus from all fans appears to have shifted towards the huge changes looming at the club this summer. With 10 players out of contract, five loanees returning to their parent clubs and others potentially being sold, Cardiff could sign as many as 15 players in the off-season, and Morison confirmed some deals are already done in principle and he cannot wait to reveal their identities to City supporters.

“We have got stuff done,” he said of transfers. “We have more stuff getting done. But people are at clubs and nothing can be happening until June 1. That can all change, but hopefully people stick to their word and you’ll see some new faces and new names.

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“It’s been great, thoroughly enjoyable. I won’t get carried away because stuff can change. But the stuff that is agreed in principle, I am really, really pleased with and I’m sure you guys will be as well.

“I want to get to June 1 so I can actually start having pictures taken on Row 2 and let you lot start enjoying and finding out about the new people and getting excited and being as excited as we are about it. Because we are genuinely excited, but obviously we have still got another game to go and that will be our focus.”

Morison has rightly bemoaned City’s lack of clinical edge this season, with his players time and time again getting into decent positions but failing to make the most of it. The manager confirmed he would be adding to his strike force in the coming months.

“We have got people in the building who can score goals,” he said. “It’s just the confidence and getting them in the right areas and getting them taking their chances. You can see, we get to that area of the pitch really well and quite easily, through playing football.

“It’s why you look at the top teams, they have the best players in those areas, ultimately the reason why is because they have moments and they produce. We have players who are talented. The more they play and practice, the better they’ll get. Under no uncertain terms we will bring people in in those areas this summer. We will have players like that.”

Cardiff enjoyed the lion’s share of possession (63 percent) against the Midlands club, however they were evenly matched on the chances they both had. Will Vaulks’ late penalty cancelled out Jeremie Bela’s early goal, though Jordan Hugill also put the ball in the net from an offside position. But Morison said he thought his team “dominated” the fixture, the last in front of home fans this season.

“They had one counter-attack in the first half and a moment after that, but we dominated from start to finish,” Morison added. “We have just got to get better in the final third, you can see that – it’s as clear as day.

“We haven’t had a penalty all year. It was nice to get one and Will put it away. I am pleased that they stuck at it and gave it a right go. It’s nice to not end with a loss in the last home game of the season. They had a couple of hairy moments in the second half where they could have scored, but we could have scored plenty as well.”


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