Scripture Union Daily Guide 9 June 2021 – Discipline: The mark of a legitimate child

Scripture Union Daily Guide 9th June 2021 – Discipline: The mark of a legitimate child


TOPIC: Discipline: The mark of a legitimate child

Opening Prayer: Oh Lord, grant me spiritual insight into the truth of your word as I study it.

Scripture: Hebrews 12: 1-11


Question(s) for Reflection
• Is there any example for me to follow or not to follow? • Is there any command for me to obey?

Having made it clear that we are in a race which some have run successfully to the end, the writer of Hebrews discusses the conditions and requirements of the race into which we have enrolled. What are some of these requirements, as discussed in vs.1-2? When these requirements are met and we are yielded to God’s dealing, then we are set on the race as we also trust Him to take us to the end successfully.

God’s discipline sometimes may include one form of hardship or the other. What is your reaction to such discipline? We live in an instant world and some churches are unfortunately preaching the wrong message that a Christian must never undergo any form of hardship. But notice what v.6 says God’s discipline implies.

How does that help you embrace instead of reject or complain about His discipline whether light or heavy? What is the other reason for discipline in v.10? Have you gone through some measure of discipline in recent times? How would you compare your experience with v.11?

• Any new insight or reinforcement of what you already know?

Closing Prayer
• Lord, please help me to always yield to your discipline and learn the lesson you are teaching me. • Pray that the political leaders will act and conduct themselves in a manner that promotes peace and unity of their country.

Offer a Prayer of Faith in Line with
• Jer. 12-14; Matt. 22:23-46


Scripture Union is an international, inter-denominational, evangelical Christian organization. It was founded in 1867, and works in partnership with individuals and churches across the world. The organization’s stated aim is to use the Bible to inspire children, young people and adults to know God

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