Scripture Union Daily Guide 30th October 2020 – A Lost Opportunity!

Scripture Union Daily Guide 30th October 2020 Message

TOPIC: A Lost Opportunity!

Opening prayer: As I read your word O Lord, grant me an insight and grace to do your will in Jesus name.

Scripture: 1 Kings 14:1–20

• Is there any warning for me to heed?

Jeroboam’s story ends on a very sad note for himself, his family and the nation he was leading. It is interesting that evil men, like him, often remember God in times of difficulty. When the security of his kingdom was in danger, he who had rejected the counsel of God’s prophet, now knows where true counsel could be found. Like him and his wife, many think that while they are seeking God’s favour, they could pretend before Him and He would not notice. It did not work for this couple, and it does not work for anyone.

Prophet Ahijah did not mince his words while pronouncing the judgment of God (vv.10, 16). He was the same prophet who had prophesied that Jeroboam would be king over Israel but there was a condition if that kingdom was to endure (11:38). Jeroboam had the God–given opportunity to be a ruler of great stature. He lost that opportunity because of his disobedience. The promise was revoked in very terrifying terms. Finally, Israel as a whole was ultimately doomed because of the seed of idolatry which Jeroboam had sown (vv.14─16). Those who are in positions of leadership should understand and be warned that their evil decisions and actions can bring disaster on entire nations.

Practice/Word Application
• And so: A leader’s sin is a leading sin and can bring unprecedented consequences to the led.

Prayer points
• Take time to pray for the leaders of your country and also the church leadership that they will not follow the example of Jeroboam.
• Pray that God will sustain all Christian literature and Bible printers and publishers.
• Offer a prayer of faith in line with Psalm 107:20

Read the Bible in one Year
2 Sam. 16–18; 1 John 5


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