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Sarah Everard: Priti Patel statement on vigil policing – updates

Starmer “frustrated and concerned” about women’s safety while director of public prosecutions.

Sir Keir Starmer has admitted to being “frustrated and concerned” about women’s safety on Britain’s streets while he was director of public prosecutions.

The Labour leader said he hoped the case of Sarah Everard would mark a “turning point” and called for the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill to be paused.

Speaking to broadcasters during a visit to the Whittington Hospital in north London, he said: “We need to see this as a turning point where we all come together and do something about it, listen to what women are saying to us, and men need to be part of this, we need to speak up and demonstrate that we are confident change is possible and we are prepared to see through that change once and for all.”

Asked about the Bill, Sir Keir said: “I’d actually ask the Government to reflect on this, pause the Bill, work across Parliament – there could be a serious piece of cross-party work now to deal with violence against women.

“That’s the issue that we need to confront. This is a sentencing bill – it should say something about rape sentences, about harassment and stalking sentences.

“It doesn’t so it should be paused as we actually work together across the House and have something that begins to tackle this very long-standing issue.”


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