Rugby’s ‘fastest try in history’ leaves millions gobsmacked

There have been some right old speedsters in rugby down the decades, but have you seen anyone quite so fast as Fiji star Alasio Naduva?

He recorded an astonishing speed of 36km per hour before acrobatically touching down in this awe-inspiring clip, which has enchanted millions on YouTube. It’s been labelled rugby’s ‘fastest try’ on the social media channel because of the sheer pace Naduva displayed and the time from kick to touchdown.

The video was taken from Fiji’s 34-5 win over Japan in the Sydney Sevens back in 2019. Since then, it has notched up 3.9 million views.

Naduva’s moment of magic came straight from a Fijian restart in the 11th minute of the game. A tiring Japanese side watch on as the kick looks way too deep and appears destined to roll over the dead ball line.

However, Naduva had different ideas. Truly living up to the Flying Fijian moniker, he puts on the afterburners.

The pace on the man is inconceivable, he melts through the Japanese half with ease, touching 36km/h on the 22… but what about the finish as well?

The ball seems far beyond reach, but he isn’t giving up, however slim the opportunity. The Fijian dives for the finish, touching the ball down barely a breath away from the dead ball line. It is truly a stunning score.

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The commentator is in complete shock, “Look at how quick he is! Oh my word. Mr Nitro that is ridiculous !”

The excitement in his voice perfectly encapsulates what an incredible effort this really is.

Now for some context on that gas. Usain Bolt’s average ground speed was 37.58km/h, meaning that Naduva’s was just a teeny bit shy of the fastest human in history.

Of course, you have to take into consideration that Bolt ran 100 metres, and Naduva 50 metres, but it’s still a remarkable comparison.

Anyway, Bolt never had to also stretch out at the end of a run to score a try!

From the kick off to that moment, it was just seven seconds. When you combine the unimaginable speed with the somersault finish, you have a moment for rugby’s history books.


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