RHIM Daily Devotional 22 June 2020 – Benefits of Favour [II]


Date: Monday, 22nd June 2020
Topic: BENEFITS OF FAVOUR [II] Scripture: Exodus 11:3

And the Lord gave the people favour in the sight of the Egyptians. Moreover the man Moses was very great in the land of Egypt, in the sight of Pharaoh’s servants, and in the sight of the people.


Favour means to be divinely selected and preferred above others, to do things at ease where others are struggling. Some of the benefits includes:

1: Favour brings a man into blessing and honour even in the midst of adversaries.
Favour will give you honour in adverse situations in Jesus Name. Exodus 11:3

2: Favour magnifies a man and puts honour upon the name of a man.
I pray for you, the favour of God will bring you to the place of honour in spite of adversary fighting you in Jesus Name.

3: Favour brings an end to emptiness, it is the cure for emptiness and dryness in the life of a man.

Exodus 3:21 I prophesy, any area you have been experiencing dryness and emptiness, may God put an end to it today.

4: Favour gives restoration of everything the enemies have stolen.

Exodus 3:21, 2Chronicles 20:20-22

5: Favour of God gives increase in asset, especially in areas where you don’t expect.
It can give you supernatural idea, give you insight on what to do. It is a force that pushes a man to get assets.

6: Favour produces great victory and great opportunities.

Joshua 11:20 He gives victory in the midst of impossibility.

7: Favour can give you land without struggle.

Psalms 44:3 – 4 I prophesy, Favour will give you what your parents could not get in Jesus Name.
May favour give you places to possess in Jesus Name.

8: When you walk in supernatural Favour, it gives you divine recognition.

1 Samuel 16:22 Men will begin to reckon with you and accept you because of the favour of God upon your life.

May Favour give you Divine Recognition in Jesus Name. AMEN

9: Favour can grant you Prominent and Presidential Treatment.

Like He did to Esther. Esther 7:1-10

When you don’t know the level of Favour that you carry, you may abuse it.

I pray for you, you will not abuse God’s favour upon your life and ministry in Jesus Name

10: Favour can make enemies that are angry with you to come into terms with you. Genesis 26:18-28

Proverbs 16: 7, When a man’s ways please the Lord, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.
I pray for someone reading this devotional, the Lord will make your enemies to be at peace with you in Jesus Name.

Please make it a point of duty to always speak favour and blessings into your life everyday and as you do so, you shall be Divinely Favoured in Jesus Name.

#QuoteMeRight “Any time you compel the favour of God by seed sowing, even the enemies will have no choice than to favour you”


☑️ Favour will speak for you and push you forward this week in the Name of Jesus.

☑️ Your life will encounter unusual favour, anywhere you turn this week, favour will speak for you.

☑️ I pray for you, every closed door is opened by favour this week in Jesus Mighty Name.


I treasure you.

Blessed morning and happy new week!


Apostle Adekayode Owolabi Salako
Lead Pastor,

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