Recently Surfaced Photo Creates More Racial Backlash For WWE’s Jaxson Ryker

WWE Superstars aren’t all going to agree with each other all the time, especially about politics.

Jaxson Ryker drew a considerable amount of backlash on himself when he posted his full support of Donald Trump. It didn’t end for the Forgotten Son.

Kevin Owens and others jumped on Ryder’s tweet. Batista even called him a “sorry motherf*cker.”

Ryker’s tweet brought out some replies that he probably didn’t want. A couple of them pointed out a time when he painted his body to have a very, very dark tan and posted it online.

The comment on this 2017 Instagram post says:

“The one time I took a selfie as soul man while a guy was pissing behind me. Love bodybuilding. One of the most rewarding things I’ve done as well as wrestling.”

Soul Man is a 1986 comedy about a white man who takes tanning pills to appear black. “Soul Man” might not have explicitly referenced that film, but it is certainly a connotation that implies African Americans.

Jaxson Ryker has since made his Instagram and Facebook accounts private. He has also yet to comment about the 2017 “Soul Man” photo.



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