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Passengers banned over mask mandate claim Spirit is bluffing

Spirit Airlines banned a family for violating its mask policy weeks after the plane touched down — but the travelers claim they were masked up, and had no complaints from the crew during the flight.

The budget airline sent two letters via certified mail to the family of seven, weeks after they flew from New York to Florida, according to Yeshiva World News.

A family member told the outlet that both parents and their five children wore masks during the non-eventful January journey, and sat in their assigned seats the entire time without a word from anyone about the pandemic protocol.

The letter, obtained by the Orthodox Jewish publication, shows that airline officials believed otherwise.

“You were aware of this [mask mandate], but still refused to wear a face covering onboard,” the letter read.

“Your failure to comply with Spirit’s face covering policy and crew member instructions despite numerous requests caused great concern to your fellow guests and crew.”

The letter goes on to warn the family that they have been placed on the company’s no-fly list, and are barred from entering Spirit facilities.

The family reportedly can contact the airline in two years and ask them to reconsider the ban.

On Sunday, Frontier Airlines canceled a flight from LaGuardia Airport to Miami after a “large group” of passengers refused to wear masks.

One passenger told The Post that everyone in the family was masked except for an infant.

The interaction was later posted to Twitter by the Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council.

The FAA recommended that airlines continue to mandate masks on flights this week, as Texas and Mississippi ended mask restrictions Wednesday.

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