Our Daily Manna Devotional 7 June 2020 – Lessons From Ahithophel (2)


BASIC SCRIPTURE: ISAIAH 41: 10-14; 2 SAMUEL 17:14-23.


The Holy Ghost is speaking to an ODM user concerning PUTTING YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER! If you are elderly above 55 or 60, please draw up a will! Plan as if you will live for the next 100 years but live as if JESUS CHRIST CAN RETURN TODAY! Determine to give ORDER to your life! Settle every quarrel among your family members!

Show your children or spouse your bank account details! Do you know that many men or even women die with millions in the bank unknown to their family members? It’s a shame! Why hide your bank details from them only for the bank to “swallow” it all after your death? Put order to the things God has blessed you with, and has placed in your hands

Hear Thomas Merton: “Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance order, rhythm and harmony. No matter how your past or this year 2020 has been, determine to put yourself and life together and in order again. To put in order could mean: 1. To re-strategize, to plan again, to start again and to have the never-quitting spirit. 2. When you have made a mistake, don’t stay there. Repent, forgive yourself, get up and move on.

But now the bitter; sad end: HE HANGED HIMSELF AND DIED! That means Ahithophel gave up on himself and his God. He gave up on his dreams and ambition and decided to quit. He gave up on his person and relevance. He thought, ” Since they rejected my counsel, it means I am no more relevant, so what am I living for? I am useless and not needed anymore.

I can’t stand this shame; let me die.” HIS PRIDE KILLED HIM! But did Ahithophel know that his best days were still ahead? THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOVE GOD’S MERCY! MERCY IS A STORY RE-WRITER! Oh! The Holy Ghost is saying to a user of today’s devotional; no matter how hard Iife hits you, don’t quit, because when there is life, there is still hope for you. Don’t be too ashamed to start again and don’t let pride and fear destroy you.

YOU CAN START AGAIN AND STILL OVERTAKE YOUR OVERTAKERS! If AHITHOPHEL and JUDAS ISCARIOT hadn’t hanged themselves, they would have had a second chance like the THIEF ON THE CROSS. As 2020 rolls on, DON’T HANG YOUR DREAMS!


  1. In your own words, pray concerning today’s word as led now.
  2. Declare Isaiah 41: 10 as many times as possible now!
  3. I decree that my best days are ahead! I shall never hang my dreams.
  4. I shall not end up as a disorganized man! I shall not hide things from my family. I shall not labour for “fools” to eat. I FORGIVE AND SETTLE MY HOUSE now!
  5. Ahithophel organized his life at the last minute! Lord, grant me wisdom to set my life, family and ministry in order!
  6. Pray about today and any other issue(s) affecting your peace.

Our Daily Manna also known as ODM is written by Bishop Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe. It is a daily devotional booklet that started in the form of a Daily prayer guide for church members and brethren in a form of two printed sheets.

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