Osun: Gist Vile survey on Oxford AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine

Two out of three residents of Osun State do not know the procedure to register for COVID-19 vaccination in the state.

A public opinion poll conducted by Gist Vile revealed that 70 percent of the residents who took part in the survey want to take the Oxford AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

Meanwhile, the survey revealed that 66.7 percent of them do not know the procedure to get vaccinated while only 33.3 percent of them know the process.

Asked if they will take the vaccine, 20 percent were “not sure” while the remaining 10 percent do not want to take the Oxford AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

Meanwhile, 40 percent of those who responded to the poll believed that the vaccine is not safe while 53.3 percent acknowledged that it is safe and the rest were not sure.

Given the reason they will not take the vaccine, some people answered, “Because I don’t know”, while some believed the vaccine or COVID-19 is political.

“Because I don’t trust its source and efficacy. “Everything has been politicized”, “I doubt if I will take the vaccine.” the poll revealed.

Asked if they will allow any member of their family to take the vaccine, 66.7 percent responded positively while 23.3 were not sure and the remaining 10 percent replied negatively.

The poll revealed that 83.3 percent will advise anyone to take the vaccine against COVID-19 while the remaining 16.7 percent indicated they would not recommend the vaccine for anyone.

However, the Osun State Government, on Wednesday, said it has distributed the COVID-19 Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine to all the local government areas across the state, including Modakeke Area office.





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