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Oregon trooper’s car crushed by falling tree amid wildfires: video

Wild dashcam footage shows a large tree crash down on to an Oregon trooper’s car as he answers an emergency call in an area that should’ve been evacuated because of the wildfires.

The footage shows the officer driving with emergency lights on, the images blurred by smoke and the dark orange sky.

As the car moves, a large tree to the left suddenly starts falling — eventually bringing the car to a violent halt as it slams onto the hood.

“Our Trooper was lucky and wasn’t injured, but it could have been so much worse,” the Oregon State Police said Tuesday, as it also shared images of the squad car’s smashed windshield and buckled hood.

It happened as the trooper answered a call in a level 3 area, the force said — meaning one where residents were ordered to leave immediately and warned they might not be able to get emergency help.

The video was released to show that evacuation areas are closed because they are so unsafe, the force said.

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