OGITECH announces 15th matriculation ceremony

This is to inform all ND1 and HND1 freshmen that the 15th Matriculation Ceremony will hold on Wednesday,2nd June,2021.

All Freshmen are expected to pay the sum of Two Thousand,Five Hundred Naira Only (2,500) online for the collection of Matriculation gowns.

In addition,all freshmen are advised to proceed to their various School Offices From Monday,31st May to Wednesday, 2nd June, 2021 for the collection of Matriculation gowns upon presentation of payment receipt and student’s identity card.

However, all freshmen are also to note the following;

  •  Returning of Matriculation gowns should be done on or before Thursday, 3rd June,2021.
  • Penalty for late submission of Matriculation gown is Two Thousand Naira Only (2,000) per day.
  •  Loss or Damage of the Matriculation gown is Ten Thousand Naira only (10,000) for replacement.

Please note the above information and give it widest publicity it deserves.


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