Nicola Sturgeon ‘bold promises’ amount to 14 years of failure says Douglas Ross

Nicola Sturgeon’s “bold promises” at elections turn out to amount to very little, Douglas Ross has said.

As the SNP launched their election manifesto the Scottish Tory leader said that the last 14 years of SNP government had been a failure.

Ross listed SNP policy failures as he prepared to promote postal votes to potential Tory voters.

He told reporters: “Their promises have never been delivered. They promised to make education their number one priority, which they didn’t. Promises to build new ferries that have never gone into the water.

“Promises to reform council tax over successive elections which they’ve never done. Promises to invest in the NHS and then build hospitals that can’t take any patients.”

Ross added: “I think people will look at the last 14 years of failure and look at all the board promises that they hear from the SNP and they continue to hear from the SNP of this election, and then look at what they actually delivered, and it was very little.”

Ross, who is fighting off a challenge fron Labour to be the largest opposition party in Holyrood, used his postal vote campaign to accuse Anas Sarwar of not being convincing enough in is opposition to a referendum.

Ross said: “He is not ruling out an independence referendum beyond this parliament, and I think we’ve got to be very clear that another independence referendum would be deeply damaging to Scotland both in the way that debate is conducted in the worry and uncertainty that would cause.

“So what voters get from Scottish Conservative candidates in every part of country is a commitment to oppose another independence referendum and to absolutely fight at this election to stop an SNP majority of them to stop them dominating our recovery phase with talk of another damaging divisive referendum”


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