‘Most extraordinary try’ leaves commentators fooled and startled

There are some moments in rugby so sublime they should come accompanied by classical music.

They might even remind watchers that the modern-day game isn’t all about big blokes knocking the breath out of other big blokes.

Every now and then the sport can still throw up a moment that truly takes the breath away.

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Cut to La Defense Arena in the Heineken Champions Cup quarter-final between Racing 92 and Sale Sharks. A corkscrewing run from home centre Gael Fickou had been exploited by Finn Russell in the shape of a diagonal kick along the ground towards the right touchline.

It was a sublime moment from the Scotland and Lions fly-half, the like of which we have come to expect because Russell is gifted and, for his sort, class and outrageous skills are integral to the package. You can read more about Russell here.

But the best was still to come.

As the ball bounced up sharply, Teddy Thomas leapt to collect before landing on his right foot a millimetre or so from the touchline — some might have said he grazed the whitewash — steadying himself with his left peg and then clipping the ball forward with his right while in mid-air, all the while fighting to maintain a semblance of balance.

Possibly, had Thomas not clipped his toe nails the night before, the video referee might have ruled the right wing had strayed into touch.

But there was no such call, with the France international completing the job by dabbing down.

The BT Sport commentary team were startled. “It’s the most amazing finish,” proclaimed England World Cup winner Ben Kay. “He dropped it onto his foot as he was being bundled into touch. Nothing will take away from one of the best finishes I can remember — off balance, chipping it through, regathering.”

Nick Mullins enthused. “It’s the most extraordinary try. From this position he looked like he’d fluffed it. Actually what he produced was a moment of brilliance.”

On social media, some branded the score “out of this world”, with another person bringing “sorcery” into the conversation.

Russell himself also scored a spectacular try, but then magic happens in Paris.

Ask Sale, who exited the tournament after a 41-22 defeat.


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