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Life of Larry Flynt to be celebrated by pole dancers at his strip club

Porn publisher Larry Flynt will be sent off with a bang.

Larry Flynt’s Las Vegas Hustler Club will honor its founder with a sexy “Celebration of Life” party complete with performances by pole dancers, drinks and an onstage memorial next weekend, TMZ reports.

The strip club remembrance ceremony is reportedly planned to mirror the lifestyle of the porn peddler turned First Amendment champion, who died of heart failure last week at his Los Angeles home at the age of 78.

The club’s dance group, “Sexxy After Dark” — a barely-clad burlesque troupe known for its “pole acrobatics” and on-stage “sexuality,” according to the Hustler Club website — will reportedly take the stage as bartenders serve signature Flynt Goldfinger cocktails.

The ticketed event is open to the public, and will adhere to social distancing and COVID-19 regulations, TMZ said.

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