LASU notice on activation of students’ email account and result portal

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6th December, 2021   |   Comments

This is to inform all admitted full-time undergraduate students in the 2020/2021 academic session that the Directorate of ICT has successfully assigned to them their official students’ email addresses for official correspondence henceforth.

Bellow therefore is the procedure for the activation of the individual student’s email account.

(All the procedures below are to be carried out on a computer system)

1. Login into LASU Full-Time Undergraduate Registration portal

2. After successful login, Click on WIRELESS & EMAIL to see your email address and temporary password

3. Browse the Url : and enter the email address and click on the NEXT

4. Enter the temporary password

5. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions

6. You will be requested to create your own PASSWORD (minimum of 8 characters)

7. You will also be requested to supply your GSM number/alternative email address for future password recovery activation

8. Please keep your password very safely and known only to you.

B. On the successful activation of the email account, individual student will receive an email from the Results Processing Unit of the DICT on the activation of student’s results portal. Each student is advised to follow through the procedure personally and carefully by supplying correct information when completing the results activation form. Use of proxy is totally prohibited. All passwords are to be kept securely.

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