LASU announces portal for online teaching of GNS courses

In a bid to overcome the challenge of securing appropriate teaching-learning space to cater for its large number of students during the GNS teaching belt as well as adhere to COVID-19 protocols during the pedagogical process, the Centre for General Nigerian Studies (CGNS) has partnered with the Directorate of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) to develop an eLearning platform for the teaching and learning of all GNS courses in the University, to complement the physical classes. 

The eLearning platform was launched on Wednesday, 24th March 2021 hosting GNS 102- Use of English.

The new hybrid teaching-learning format will begin with an initial 2weeks of physical Course Introduction and Sensitization by lecturers, followed by 8 weeks of Online Lectures before students come back for another 2weeks for physical Course Revision, in batches.  

To access the eLearning platform, students are to follow the underlisted Guidelines:

1. Students access the portal through the web address on any web 


2. The login page is displayed. However if the login page is not displayed, student click on the log in

link on the top right corner of the site to access the login page

3. On the Username textbox, student type in their Matriculation Number

4. On the Password textbox, student type in their Surname in CAPITAL letters

5. From the dashboard, the student is given a list of all courses he/she is enrolled in (ie, GNS 102)

6. Click on GNS 102 to access the contents of the course

7. GNS 102 is arranged in weekly format and the following activities are expected of the students to  participate in: Weekly Lesson (Text), Weekly Video Lesson, and Weekly Quiz

It has to be noted however that: 

1. Student cannot access the Lesson note for a particular week until the first day of that week i.e 12:00 Midnight of the first day of the week

2. You cannot access the Lesson note for Week 2 downwards until you have accessed and gone through the lesson note for the preceding week.

8. To access Weekly Lessons:

a. Select GNS 102 from the dashboard

b. Select the appropriate week

c. Click on the Weekly Lesson note to access it

9. To access Weekly Video Lessons:

a. Select GNS 102 from the dashboard

b. Select the appropriate week

c. Click on the Weekly Video Lesson note to access and view the video lesson

10.To access Weekly Quiz:

a. Select GNS 102 from the dashboard

b. Select the appropriate week

c. Click on the Weekly Quiz to access it

d. If the quiz is available, click on the Attempt Quiz Now button to start the quiz.

It has to be stressed here that both the visit to the platform and each student’s attempts on the weekly Quiz stand as Continuous Assessment, CA, for the individual student.

Recall that the CGNS introduced the Computer Based Test, CBT Examination format for GNS Courses in the Year 2017 a development that has transformed the methodology of Course evaluation as it led to a more reliable system, noted for Immediate Knowledge of Results.

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