Lance Storm Says ‘F*ck You’ To Popular Twitter Account Saying #SpeakingOut Victims Are Rats

The #SpeakingOut movement started with David Starr and then it snowballed with one allegation after another. Now a list of over 20 names has been compiled.

This is an important time for pro wrestling because a lot of people are working hard to spark a change. The #SpeakingOut movement is going to hopefully do a lot of good to create a safe space for fans and performers alike.

The NWA Legends account tweeted about the #SpeakingOut movement. They did acknowledge that they feel sorry for some victims, but others are rats. Update: the tweet has now been deleted.

I’m about sick of reading these #SpeakingOut pieces. I’m sure some are legit, and I feel bad for those folks. But a lot I’ve read mention hotel rooms and bathrooms. Not blaming all victims, but jeez, if you ended up alone with a guy in a bathroom or hotel room, you were a rat.

Lance Storm did not like seeing this tweet from the Official Twitter for Mid-Atlantic & NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest. He replied with a prompt “f*ck you.” Anyone who wants to make excuses for sexual abuse isn’t okay in Storm’s book. A rape is a rape and it needs to be taken seriously.

Sorry but a big f*ck you on this one. I don’t care if someone is a “rat” passed out naked on a bathroom floor, Rape is Rape and fuck anyone who even tries to say or think otherwise. Will never be working for you again.

The discussions will likely continue as to the severity of each allegation. Lance Storm doesn’t see any difference in rape because the idea of not having consent is pretty cut and dry.


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