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Jobs at risk as The George in Mumbles is sold by Brains

The George in Mumbles is on the verge of being sold and the staff who work at the long-standing pub face the prospect of redundancy.

Brains, the owner of the pub and restaurant which has been a fixture at Mumbles Road for decades, is about to sell it on, with its completion taking place once pubs are allowed to fully re-open by the Welsh Government, which is currently Monday, August 3.

It is understood it is to remain as a pub, but the sale will not include the transfer of contracts of staff currently employed at the pub, meaning a consultation process is now underway.

Alistair Darby, chief executive of Brains in Wales, explained he felt restaurant and retail development Oyster Wharf had changed the identity of Mumbles, and added The George no longer fitted long-term plans.

Mr Darby said: “The pub is not yet sold, but we are in the midst of it going through, it is at the exchange and completion process.

“The sale has been predicated on pubs being allowed to fully re-open in Wales.

“We have concluded, as much as we love the pub, that it was not a pub that fitted our long-term plans, and we put it up for sale early this year in February.

“We put it up for sale as an individual pub rather than with others as we appreciate it’s a very special pub of particular interest for the area.

“We concluded that Mumbles has changed considerably since Oyster Wharf set up, and it needs to be more of an independent offering there to make the most of it that we can’t bring.

“Its future will remain as a pub through a local entrepreneur. It is a great pub in a great location. We’re always at our happiest when we sell a pub and know it will continue to trade as one.

“We are entering into consultation with staff, of which there are no more than a dozen, and are going to be discussing options with affected staff.

“The pub is being bought effectively without taking the staff on.

“We are doing our best to try and offer them opportunities in other Brains pub where there are vacancies, but if there are not vacancies, sadly there will be redundancies.”


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