JAMB 2021 UTME mock experience – Learn from them

The JAMB 2021UTME mock has come and gone. From the feedback we got on the JAMB 2021 Mock Exam Live Updates, not much changed from what it was last year. If you have been practising JAMB Past questions with the Gist Vile JAMB CBT Software or the Gist Vile CBT Mobile App, you won’t find the main exam difficult as the layout is quite similar.

This thread is for candidates who took part in the mock exam to share the first-hand experience on how the mock exam actually went in the various centers.

Remember that we promised to give a cash reward of N20,000 to four candidates with the best well-composed experiences posted in the comment section. To win in this contest, we expect you to publish your JAMB mock experiences in the comment section of this publication. A Gist Vile Admin will pick the best four comments and will contact the winners to claim their cash prizes. Each of the four winners will get a congratulatory reply, under his/her experience comment, from a Gist Vile Admin.

So in the best possible way you can, share with us your UTME mock experience. The following should guide you;

– What was the verification process like?
– Were there security officials?
– Did the exam commence at the exact time stated on your slip?
– Were there CCTV cameras in the hall?
– Was there adherence to the COVID-19 protocol? (like the use of face mask, sanitizers, spacing etc)
– How many invigilators were in the hall?
– Did you experience any technical glitch with the questions; like incomplete questions, incomplete answer options, blank options, etc?
– Were you allowed to take any material like biro, pencil into the hall?
– Was there a provision of a rough sheet for calculations?
– Were you required to power on the system? Or was it already powered on when you got there? 
– How many questions were asked in each of the subjects? 
– Was there provision for both mouse and keyboard?
– Were you able to use the onscreen calculator,?
– Did the system shut down automatically (for those their time elapsed before they were able to finish)? 
– Was there any other technical issue you encountered during the examination? 
– Are there some irregularities you observed with the process and the exam itself?
– What are the other things you think candidates that did not participate in the mock exam should know?

Post all your experiences in the comment section. Please do keep it as real as possible. Thanks.

For those who just want to read more experiences, find more experiences posted at JAMB 2021 Mock Exam Live Updates

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