‘I could have killed him!’ Mick McCarthy’s verdict on Cardiff City’s hero at Nottingham Forest

Rubin Colwill’s stunning second goal saved him from the wrath of manager Mick McCarthy after his star turn helped Cardiff City down Nottingham Forest.

The Bluebirds youngster came off the bench just before the hour and scored his first goal in a Cardiff shirt less than a minute later, bundling in from a goalmouth scramble.

His second was pure class. He attacked the box, dragged the ball on to his left and smacked his shot low and hard into the bottom corner for what turned out to be the winner.

And McCarthy, whose tongue was planted firmly in his cheek, said Colwill netting that second saved him from some post-match hairdryer treatment after he had earlier bungled a chance to put City into the lead.

But the Bluebirds manager is delighted the 19-year-old has signed a new contract with the club, because he believes rivals would really be sniffing around him after the week he’s just had.

“I’m so pleased he’s signed a new contract, because if he hadn’t they’d be all over him like a rash now, having got his Welsh cap and that,” McCarthy said of Colwill.

“His second goal was difference class.

“I’ll tell you now, I was going to kill him when he cut that [chance] back. Just before that [second goal], he got in and he should have put it across the six-yard box.

“He cut it back and they ended up having a shot at our goal. And I can’t tell you how many times we tell them [not to do that].

“But I’m going to forgive him, because he scored such a wonderful winner.”

Colwill’s rise has been nothing short of remarkable this calendar year.

He could barely get into the Bluebirds’ under-23s at the turn of the year, now he is a fully-fledged international who appears to have a very important role to play moving forward this term.

“He’s a lovely young man,” McCarthy said.

“If you take it back before January, he was as far away from the first team as he was ever going to be.

“TC and I both saw him in that first training session and he stood out. Him and Isaak Davies trained with us and looked really good.

“He comes from a lovely family, he has his feet on the ground and he wants to do well.

“That goal, the second one, had TC, my assistant Terry Connor, written all over it. Took it around, inside, hit it on the floor, don’t be hitting it over the bar. [Colwill] takes credit for getting it, but TC for coaching him and insisting on how he does it. Brilliant.”

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