Guardians fan spills beer while trying to catch foul ball

A word of advice: put down the beer before you try to snag that foul ball.

Or you could learn the hard way, like one Guardians fan did on Saturday night.

With his beer in his right hand, a fan tried to make a one-handed grab on a foul ball at RingCentral Coliseum during Saturday’s Guardians-A’s contest. The ball went off his hand and he spilled his beverage in the process, all over the woman next to him, and her food.

It’s unclear what the relation is between the two, but it does feel like a safe assumption that he had to buy her a replacement plate of nachos.

And no, he did not get the foul ball in the end.

Your Little League coach, it turns out, was right. Catch with two hands.

Although, to be fair, it’s doubtful that tip was given in this context.

The pair of Guardians fans could at least go home happy: Cleveland beat the A’s, 3-1, thanks to a pinch-hit double from Richie Palacios in the ninth inning that scored the two decisive runs.


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