Frank ​Lampard: Chelsea had more than 10 players in quarantine

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard admits his team has been dealing with quarantined players in preseason.

The Blues have not gotten the chance to train as a team on many occasions before the seasons begins.

Now they face Brighton and Hove Albion in the first game of their Premier League season.

Players had to quarantine at various stages of preseason due to COVID-19 protocols in England.

“It’s been disruptive,” Lampard said in his pre-match press conference.

“In lots of ways, I’m very fortunate. I know we’re bringing in players we wanted to bring in and already we have a strong squad here.

“But we had a lot of quarantine, I think at one point it was double figures. So that knocked a lot of the training we could do in that first week and then I lost pretty much all the players to international break so I haven’t been able to work with them.

“So you’ve had to rely on international teams and games getting them fit. I’ve got a great relationship with all the managers of the players that go away like that so that hasn’t been a problem, but we haven’t actually had them in our hands, the players.

“So it’s been tough in a way but we have to forget that, it’s done, we’re together now. We know what’s in front of us, we know what games are coming up, we’re very excited to get started and that’s a good feeling. That’s the feeling I have and I think that’s the feeling the squad has.”

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