Forbes name Cristiano Ronaldo first footballer billionaire

Juventus and Portuguese footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo has become football’s first-ever billionaire ahead of his arch-rival, Lionel Messi.

The 35-year-old player is the third sports star to reach the milestone, joining Tiger Woods and Floyd Mayweather Jr, according to Forbes.

Ronaldo, who is in his second season with Juventus, earned $60 million in salary over the last year, even after taking a 30 percent pay cut because of the coronavirus pandemic in April, according to the magazine.

In his 17-year-old career, he has earned $650 million in salary during his career and is now set to reach $765 million in career salary when his current contract with Juventus concludes in June 2022.

The rest (roughly $350 million) comes from sponsorship deals with big brands.

His rival, Lionel Messi has earned a total of $605 million in salary since his professional debut 2005, and is expected to reach the $1bn mark next year.

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