Fed Poly, Ado-Ekiti 1st semester examination schedule

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7th September, 2021   |   Comments

This serves to inform all Students and Staff of the examination schedule for the five (5) Schools in the Polytechnic as arranged by the Polytechnic Time-table Committee in strict compliance with the COVID-19 protocols. To ensure the smooth and hitch-free examination, Students are divided into groups as shown below:

  • Group A – SAAT, SSCS, SOE
  • Group B – SBS, SES

Order of venue:

SAAT and SOE morning and evening students will have their examinations at the main campus

>SES: BLD, EST, and QS (NDI and NDII Evening Students) will sit for their exams at CEC

SBS: All ND evening Students will sit for their exams at CEC, except OTM

SSCS: All NDII SLT (evening Students), NDI (CS), NDII (CS), NDI (FST) and NDII (FST) will sit for their exams at CEC

EED for all classes will be carried out on each of the alternate free days in the paired Schools according to EED Examination Time-table.

It is hoped that Students and Staff will take cognizance of the examination schedule as arranged by the Polytechnic Time-table Committee and adhere strictly to it.

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