Fans Start Petition For WWE To Fire Velveteen Dream

Velveteen Dream is back on WWE NXT television, but fans aren’t very happy about it. #FireVelveteenDream broke out on social media and is trending. Now a petition is gaining a lot of momentum that calls for his arrest.

A new petition was started on Change calling for Velveteen Dream to be fired. As of this writing there are well over 1,500 signatures, and it’s still building steam from there.

The description for this new petition reads as follows:

Velveteen Dream A.K.A Patrick Clark Jr. Has been accused and proven to be grooming minors. WWE has done nothing about it. It is unfair that he goes off scott-free and even gets a push. We demand Justice! I will not release the names of the victims due to Legal Reasons. We ask WWE to clearly and honestly investigate Mr.Clark and If they find evidence, turn him over to the Proper Authorities. 

We’ll have to see how many signatures they will be able to get on this petition. It’s not likely to change WWE’s mind. Triple H said the company found nothing after doing their investigation and they’re moving on.


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