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Family terrorised by ‘killer cockerel’ that forces mum to carry a rake for protection

A terrorised mum is forced to arm herself with a rake every time she walks through her own garden – because her family live in fear of their ‘killer cockerel’ who chases everyone he meets.

Rebekah Williams has spent the past six months frightened of being attacked and having ‘her eyes gouged out’ by angry bird Derek Jr who truly believes he rules the roost with his ‘mean’ attitude.

The 32-year-old doesn’t even bat an eye-lid when she hears screams coming from her yard, because she knows son Oliver Williams will be facing their pet’s fiery temper.

She shared the family’s fear in a viral Facebook video which shows her 10-year-old screaming in terror as Derek Jr chases him across the lawn and down a garden path.

The fearsome cockerel manages to catch up with Oliver before the youngster escapes by vaulting over a gate onto another field.

Rebekah even admits visitors are scared of taking a stroll in their yard in case they come face to face with the 10-month-old free-range cockerel who patrols their land.

Husband Mark Williams has learned to make a quick dash when he opens Derek Jr’s coop at 7am every morning, and from then until night the cockerel chases any human he spots.

Oliver Williams, 10, is constantly heard screaming from the yard after being chased by ‘killer’ cockerel Derek Jr

The mum believes Derek Jr’s bad attitude may stem from trying to show off to his hen ‘girlfriend’ Brenda.

Rebekah, from Cwmbran, Torfaen, Wales, said: “We always call him the killer cockerel because people are literally scared to come in through the gates. They always ask if he’s there.

“He reminds me of a velociraptor. Head down, and he just runs after you. He’s quiet so you don’t know until he’s behind you or has his claws in your legs.

“We’ve got five other cockerels, so I’m not really sure what his problem is. He has got a group that follow him but they stay away from him too because he’s just mean.

“It started when I was putting something in the bin and he just chased me from behind. I wasn’t expecting it, so now I have to use a rake every time I go out to protect myself.

“I hold it out so he can’t get close. It’s like we’re living in fear of our own cockerel. He definitely thinks it’s his land.

“On the video that went viral, we heard Oliver screaming but we knew exactly what was happening. We didn’t go to help him because he can run faster than us.

“I value my eyesight too much to go near him to be honest, because I think he’d just gouge your eyes out if he could.

Rebekah Williams, 32, and son Oliver, 10, have to walk with a rake to protect themselves in their own garden in Cwmbran, Wales
Rebekah Williams, 32, and son Oliver, 10, have to walk with a rake to protect themselves in their own garden in Cwmbran, Wales

“Mark doesn’t get chased because he just stays away from him. He’s very weary of him so he sidesteps around him and in the morning when he opens the coop he’ll slide the door open and run.

“Oliver will play football in the garden and he goads Derek Jr a little bit, but he’s ready to run whenever he comes after him.”

Rebekah and Mark, 49, own a carpet shop and also look after their other animals including goats and chickens – who are scared of Derek Jr too.

Rebekah believes the most likely trigger for Derek Jr’s bad temper is his desire to protect his hen ‘girlfriend’ Brenda, but even her and their five other cockerels, 20 hens and 10 ducks keep their distance from him.

The 32-year-old claims her and Mark see the funny side of watching their son get chased, and she says the angry cockerel would make a much better guard dog than their six-year-old pomeranian, George.

Rebekah added: “At least we don’t need a guard dog anyway because he does the job. Our dog’s pathetic so Derek Jr would do a much better job.

“When Oliver has friends round, I’ll have to make them aware of Derek Jr. I don’t want any parents suing me if their kids get attacked or anything. We might need a sign.”

Rebekah’s Facebook post uploaded earlier this year has been viewed more than 600,000 times, and has more than 11,000 reactions, 12,000 comments and 14,000 shares.

Derek Jr - the 'killer' cockerel that terrorises Rebekah and Oliver Williams in their yard in Cwmbran, Wales
Derek Jr – the ‘killer’ cockerel that terrorises Rebekah and Oliver Williams in their yard in Cwmbran, Wales

The post said: “We have a killer cockerel and if anyone goes near him he attacks. I’ve literally had to keep him away from me with a rake before now.

“Oliver was innocently playing football outside and the next thing I know I hear actual screams from the garden as he’s being chased and terrorised by Derek Jr.

“I’m crying. No children or cockerels were harmed during this video.”

Andy Todd commented: “They are evil little f**kers and very fast!”

Lynne Peters tagged a friend and said: “I’m having zero chickens or cockerels when we move, sod that!”

Jodie Rowley joked: “Genuine screams of terror [crying laughing emoji].”


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