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Sourced from The New York Times

Social media colossus Facebook has confirmed that some of the platform’s users are now able to switch to dark mode on their mobile app.

These users have begun to post their reactions to the new dark mode on Twitter, showing off screenshots of the new UI. The option is now appearing in the ‘Settings & Privacy’ section of the mobile app of certain users.

Facebook has said that, while they have only started rolling out dark mode for mobile users, as of right now the mode is only available for a “small percentage of users globally,” according to Social Media Today.

Dark Mode on Facebook Apps

Within Facebook’s family of apps dark mode is now already available on Messenger, in Facebook Lite, on WhatsApp and on Instagram. Facebook has recently added a dark mode UI to its desktop app as well during the implementation of its new interface.

While it may be surprising for some that the company has taken this long to launch a dark mode on its flagship platform, it is important to note that Facebook’s over encompassing popularity also comes with certain technical considerations, especially factoring the user depth and breadth. The app needs to cater to billions of users in different regions, with different levels of capacity and connectivity.

Even with such considerations, dark mode seems to be coming to Facebook mobile soon. Dedicated fans who prefer the darkened UI aesthetic need only to wait now, and if you’re one of the lucky ones, your app will already have the integration ready for testing.

Benefits of Dark Mode

Techahead writes that, in terms of the benefits, the supplemental UI design offers a reduction of light emitted by the device while maintaining the minimum colour contrast ratios required for readability, this can save your phone’s battery life considerably. Allowing you to be on your device for longer.

In low light conditions, dark mode is better for reducing eye strain. Many users will often check social media laying in bed in the dark, or as soon as they awake in the morning while the sun has yet to rise.

Finally, dark mode also reduces screen glare and thereby minimises flickering and blue light which can be harmful to eyes.

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