Drew McIntyre Welcomes New Member To His Family

Drew McIntyre might be a brutal force in the ring, but he’s got a soft spot for our furry friends. He heard a little meow recently and it turned into a new family member for the King Of Claymore Country.

The WWE Champion revealed on social media that they have welcomed a new cat into the family. Her name is Piper, and she was a stray. It seems like she went through a lot before arriving outside the McIntyre home, but odds are she’ll be just fine now.

This girl was abandoned outside & we were fortunate someone heard her cries for help. Trust can take a while, it starts with small steps but when earned it leads to a beautiful relationship. She’s got battle scars but she’s a little warrior. Welcome to the family Piper

McIntyre also included a photo of Piper and a moment they shared as the trust between human and animal was established. It takes a lot for a stray cat to trust someone, but Drew McIntyre seems to have the right touch.

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter


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