CRUTECH notice on maintaining peace and security during the remaining exam

The remaining Semester Examinations which involve mainly third and fourth-year Students shall commence on Monday, July 26, 2021. To sustain the peaceful and secure atmosphere and or environment that prevailed during the previous examinations, Management has directed as follows:

1. Students should desist from wearing fez caps to the school compound Security Men are instructed to confiscate such caps from students at the gate

2. Students are also prohibited from wearing Hood Jackets and bringing bags into the Campus during the examinations

3. Students should promptly report the presence of strange people in the Campus to the University Security Department

4.  Students shall be subjected to a thorough search before being admitted into the examination

5. On the last day of final year examinations, flying of colours will not be allowed in the Campus and environs.

6. Students will not also be allowed to pour water on one another after the examination in the Campus and environs

7. Students should not loiter around examination areas if they are not part of the examination

8. These directives shall apply in all Campuses of the University

Adherence to the directives above will ensure hitch-free examinations as well as guarantee safety. Please, let all concerned give effect to these directives

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