Concerned with Corey Kluber’s injury?

Corey Kluber

The injury bug has made its way from Queens to the Bronx.

Corey Kluber and Luke Voit are now on the shelf. Are the Yankees in trouble? Who fills in for the starting rotation? How long until they are back?

We answer all those questions on the latest “Pinstripe Pod” with Chris Shearn and four-time World Series champion Jeff Nelson, featuring a chat with Ken Davidoff.

Pinstripe Pod Opening Segment with Chris, Jeff & Jake:

  • INJURIES: Corey Kluber on the shelf. How much time might he miss? Will he be back in two months? Luke Voit on the IL. How much time does he miss? Hope is Luis Severino can return soon to help rotation.
  • MOVES: Would the Yankees try and trade for Luis Castillo from the Reds?



Ken Davidoff Interview:
Gist Vile baseball columnist

  • CONCERNS: Can Yankees hold down the fort with Kluber and Voit on the IL? How will Garcia do filling in the rotation? Will Michael King get more chances?
  • NO CONSISTENCY IN BASEBALL: So many injuries in baseball today. What the heck is going on now?
  • AVERAGES: Yankees starting to get hotter and raise averages.

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