Colgate joins government to celebrate Women’s Day (Photos)

Recognising women as being an integral part of the society, Colgate, the world’s leading and most preferred toothpaste brand stepped out to lend support to the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development’s programme in commemoration of the 2021 International Women’s Day #ChooseToChallenge in Abuja.

The National policy Dialogue in celebration of the International Women’s Day in Abuja was held at Transcorp Hilton with the theme: “Women in Leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world”.

The event was made whole with the participation of women of high substance and calibre soaring in the global space who have made such a strong impact to inspire the women folks through their actions and achievements, such as the former President of Liberia- Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, UNAIDS Executive Director- Ms. Winnie Byanyima etc.

According to Mrs. Omotayo Abiodun, Public Relations Manager, Tolaram Group who stated that the impact of women towards societal development cannot be over-emphasised, Colgate aligns passionately with the vision of the Ministry of Women Affairs as it celebrates and encourages the Nigerian women to challenge the status quo and reach for the skies.

Colgate partnered with the Ministry of women Affairs in 7 States- Kwara State, Lagos State, Oyo State, Ondo State, Ogun State, Edo State and Abuja and took an active part in their International Women’s Day programs with the main objective to further encourage and sensitize all the women present to maintain a healthy oral hygiene practices and that of their families.

Honorable Minister, Federal Ministry of Women Affairs, and social Development started by celebrating partners, participants, Nigerian women, and all women doing great exploits across the globe.

She stated that women deserve the equal right to play and attain the highest level of their dreams without the fear of deliberate subjugation at any level.

The Colgate dental check-up camp was strategically positioned just by the hall at all the seven locations on standby to proffer free basic oral consultation/screening to all participants of the program.

After consultation everyone received samples of the product including the special dignitaries who were presented with special dental kits which included the Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Toothpaste made from carefully selected active ingredients to protect the teeth from cavity while ensuring general oral health. She added that the brand contains natural mint, which gives users fresh breath.

Colgate aims at reaching out to as many women as possible across the nation before the year end through Colgate dental check-up exercise, which is present in 9 locations across Nigeria, open to the public six days in a week.

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