BSU SUG elects first female student union President

Comrade Aker Agatha Soohemba, a 23-year-old 400 level student of the Department of Law, has made history as the first female president of the Benue State University student union government.

The election which was conducted on Wednesday, June 2, at 8:00 am and ended at 2:00 pm, through the e-voting platform, had 11 candidates contesting for the post of president.

Soohemba emerged as the winner after securing 1037 votes consisting of 17.0% of the 6092 total vote cast, to beat her closest rival, Katsina Joseph Tersoo, with 983 votes (16.1%). Onda Uda Felix secured 3635 votes (59.7%) to emerge as the vice-president, beating his contender, Mathias Oche Stephen, with 2457 votes making 40.3% of the total vote cast.

Others are Adih Chocho Raymond, with 56.7% of the total tallied votes for the post of secretary-general; while Ornguga M. Jennifer secured 100.0% of the vote for the post of treasurer. Onoja Abutu Gabriel had 34.8% of the total vote cast to emerge as director of finance.

Others include; Director of Welfare, Orpin Manasseh Tordue; Director of Sales,  Ihom T. Terhemba;  Director of Socials, Iorwua Veronica Tina;  Director of Sports, Akponko Simon Soonen;  Director of Publicity, Terna Aondonenge Raphael, among others.

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