Anna Jay Clears The Air After Fans Call Out Tweet For Having Racist Connotations

AEW star Anna Jay recently found herself in some hot water on Twitter after a post did not read as she intended at all.

The Dark Order member tweeted out: “Thankful for being able to wear a mask at the gym for many reasons. One of them being I can mouth every lyric of the song I’m listening to.”

Some fans took her tweet to mean that she is happy to be able to mouth words that she wouldn’t normally be able to say, such as those with a racist connotations.

The backlash was almost immediate. Some fans called to “cancel” Anna Jay. She deleted the tweet in a hurry when she saw that some fans took her words out of context. Then Anna Jay explained what she meant with a follow-up tweet.

Not what I meant… I meant so I could sing in public and no one would judge me. Twitter is crazy.

Anna Jay says she didn’t mean anything racially insensitive by her tweet. She certainly learned a very valuable lesson. Hopefully, she will give tweets a second read before posting from now on because you never know how some people might take something the wrong way.


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