Anna Horford slams salty 76ers fans after trade: ‘F—k off’

Al Horford’s career in Philadelphia lasted just one season, but it may have been one season too long, at least for members of his family.

Soon after Horford was reportedly traded with draft picks to the Thunder on Wednesday night, his sister, Anna, took some parting shots at 76ers fans on the way out.

“Pretending to fw Philly was EXHAUSTING. The most miserable fans in the NBA,” Anna tweeted, along with screenshots of tweets sent to her by fans that called her vile names in the aftermath of the trade.

Anna Horford later posted an audio message in which she said, “”Some of you guys were cool, but to the rest, f–k off.”

“Philly hated us because we never hated on Boston,” Anna wrote in a separate tweet, referencing Al’s three seasons with the Celtics.

“Thank god Al is out of Philly lmao,” Josh Horford, Al’s brother, also tweeted Wednesday night.

After leaving the Celtics, Horford signed a four-year, $109 million contract with the 76ers but it did not go as planned. In his one season in Philadelphia, the former All-Star center averaged 11.9 points, 6.8 rebounds and four assists per game. He never seemed to find his role as the 76ers crashed and burned with a first-round playoff exit.

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