AEW Dynamite Viewership DOUBLES WWE SmackDown In The UK

AEW has a worldwide audience, and Dynamite is doing very well in the UK. In fact, they can now boast numbers much larger than WWE.

Cody Rhodes recently tweeted out an informative graphic that included some stats. AEW Dynamite’s performance in the UK is “5 times” the audience of NXT and twice as much as SmackDown. They are almost double the amount that RAW receives. AEW is beating first-run broadcasts from all competitors in the UK audience as well.

Impact Wrestling also gets half the viewers as AEW Dynamite. Impact Wrestling airs in direct competition to AEW in the UK, and Impact Wrestling is on a free-to-air channel.

Other stats included in the graphic highlight AEW Dynamite’s reach in the UK. It is said that full episodes of Dynamite on ITV4 have reached 2.8 million people based on 5 plus minutes of viewing. In the past year AEW has reached 6.7 million people on ITV channels using the same method.

You can check out the graphic below. AEW has a lot of things to be proud of. Their UK fan base obviously loves what they’re putting out as well.


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