Accident averted as truck fails brake in Osogbo

An accident that would have cost lives was earlier on Thursday averted at the Akindeko Area of Osogbo, the capital of Osun State.

Gist Vile gathered that the accident occurred when a white truck conveying building materials (bricks) lost control of its brake functions and rammed into the concrete median on the busy Oke-Fia-Olaiya Junction road.

Eyewitnesses revealed that the driver temporarily lost concentration and the vehicle swerved but he was able to bring it under control within minutes but not before colliding with the median.

They also disclosed that the white Dyna truck was coming from the Oke-Fia end of the road when it failed to brake and was swerving, business owners and pedestrian started running and scampering for safety.

The onlookers gave God the glory because the mishap was brought under control without any casualties and the loss of the truck.

They advised drivers and motorcycle riders to always pay attention to the road signs and also to run necessary maintenance checks on their vehicles to ensure that all parts were functioning properly.

Gist Vile reports that Traffic on the Oke-Fia-Akindeko-Olaiya Junction had been diverted through Akindeko Street due to the ongoing construction of the flyover at Olaiya Junction

Accident averted as truck fails brake in Osogbo

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